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Selous Game Reserve

The largest game reserve in Africa, 4 times the size of the Serengeti, Selous Game Reserve is a diverse landscape from hot volcanic springs, sporadic lakes and channels from the Great Rhaha & Rufiji rivers.

Most famous for it's elephant, hippo & rhino, the park has a broad range of wildlife with the largest population in Africa of Nyasaland gnu, brindled gnu, hartebeest, Greater Kudu, sable antelope, eland, reedbuck, bushbuck, waterbuck, warthog, zebras, giraffe and wildebeest. Also in abundance are lion, leopard, the spotted hyena and hunting dog, although cheetah sightings are rare.

This is not your typical African safari - you can also take a cable car across Stieglers Gorge, participate in special interest Africa safaris like: Photography, walking safaris and bird watching - A birdwatchers paradise, there are over 350 species of bird! Nearby you can go fishing for Tiger Fish and Vandu (in the rivers of the Kilombero Game Controlled Area to the west of the reserve).

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